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Unorganised visual notes to self [things I like or resources for my current projects]

Grignani ad on Cucina Italiana magazine from 1959 #surprise

Old sign shadows in #milan

Brussels: Flamish text in a very very French typeface #excoffon

Excoffon spotting in Paris: so glad the owner didn’t change the shop name

Taxi phone in Orvieto #lettering

Vinci typewriter figures #type

Once was Bullona train station

Super cool! Some letters from my Alice typeface have been carved and used on a letterpress! @ letterpress workers 2014 Milan

Gems in the #milan underground #noorda

Type design course at #cfpbauer is almost over. Nice type on the way! (presso CFP Bauer)

So proud of my student Silvia! She did an amazing dissertation project.

Butcher’s bike in Sarpi #milan #lettering

User interface #fail

#Map of Scansano region on wine bottle of Morellino from 1985

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