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kokoro & moi for wdc 2012 helsinki

"9h Hours is a new capsule hotel that offers luxury in a minimum living space. The 9 hour capsule hotel and all amenities were designed by Fumie Shibata of Design Studio S, which she founded in 1994. With her team, she defined the elements necessary for a ‘minimal transit space’ in big cities in japan.”


Census & Society, British Library

To mark the 21st Census in Britain, The British Library curated and hosted, ‘Census & Society: Why Everyone Counts’.

Morse Studio, in collaboration with Lyn Atelier, were commissioned to design the exhibition space and graphics. Our response in designing the space and graphic treatment was inspired by the unprecedented scale and detail of data generation associated with the Census. Viewers are invited to explore six themed sections—each marked by a large-scale typographic totem and assigned a distinct colour—spread across a landscape of vertically stacked cubes featuring photographs, maps, public information broadcasts and cartoons, alongside insights from the census data itself. Entrances to the space feature census-related statistics with pictograms on back-lit panels.


In collaboration with Lyn Atelier. Photography Luke Hayes.

Font used: Hoefler & Frere-Jones ‘Knockout’ with Lineto ‘Akkurat’

(via September Industry)

Wayfinding wallpaper, by Mike & Maaike via Enviromeant

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