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«Alla Lettera. G. Antonio Insegne» Lovely sign-painting shop and bike in Italy. I wonder in which city it was. (via Typophile)

Some examples of Italian handwriting. Nice scans but not much research.

«Hurry up» the first page of Il Sole 24 ore, the Italian financial newspaper. Quite impressive, they usually don’t set titles with a sans serif, and never this big.

Alessandro Maffioletti aka alvvino, freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany (Above, illustration for Polkadot Magazine)

French illustrator Antoine Corbineau drew a map of the vine regions of Italy. (via vizualize via CreativeRoots)

Pavilion of the Montecatini Company Fair of Milan 1955 No. 2 (by sandiv999)

Salottobuono, Venice - Milan.

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