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DizajnDesign made a very interesting sans: Preto Sans

Parry Grotesque by Artur Schmal

Founders Grotesk by Kris Sowersby (we’ll be seeing more of it)

Bureau Grot by Font Bureau. «The current family was first developed byDavid Berlow in 1989 from original specimens of the grotesques released by Stephenson Blake in Sheffield». Lovely used in Case da abitare magazine

Nice Berling Nova and Berling Nova Sans used at Swedish Form Magazine [via Fonts in use].

PTL Roletta, really nice sans and slab with a soft typewriter feel. And it has small caps! (via Fontblog)

Lovely Novel Sans by Büro Dunst, goes on my wishlist with its Serif companion.

Mostra Nuova beautiful Art Deco typeface by Mark Simonson

Brownstone sans by Ale Paul (on behance)

Haven’t used it yet, love the shapes and texture though. Bree by Type Together

Tomate by ramiro Espinoza, ReType Foundry

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