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Comedy carpet opening (via Gordon Young)

I love this guy: My Illustrated Life by Christoph Niemann. 

so you want to be a modern poster designer? (by Dr. Monster)

Founders Grotesk by Kris Sowersby (we’ll be seeing more of it)

Bureau Grot by Font Bureau. «The current family was first developed byDavid Berlow in 1989 from original specimens of the grotesques released by Stephenson Blake in Sheffield». Lovely used in Case da abitare magazine

Another supertrendy geometric-weird sans (via designers books)

I do like AL-KIMIYA typeface by Benjamin Varin, based on the alchemic symbols (via La Tigre).

Uppercase condensed type centred and placed between thin rules is the new trend. (this is just some random example) via The Mighty Pencil

typographie: via kavalierandclay: via Trendy Bastards
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