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A Special Specimen

This wonderful and colourful type specimen once belonged to Paul RandIt was given to JP Williams, who had become friends with Rand while studying under the professor at Yale School of Art. They both shared a passion for collecting all things written and designed by Jan TschicholdRand invited JP to his home and gave him this ‘tattered old book’ from his library. 

It was well used – not to mention mutilated by Rand – and JP describes how Rand used to cut letters and sometimes whole sections out for use in his work: ‘The spine was broken and it was in a horrible state. Of course I loved it’.

“Mr Rand turned page after page to reveal the most wonderful type specimens. However, since we usually spoke about Tschichold, I did not understand what this book had to do with him. Then Mr. Rand closed the book and opened it from the beginning, revealing the inside front cover and the ex libris. It had belonged to none other than Jan Tschichold. my mouth fell open and Mr. Rand smiled. Enjoy, as I have.”

Fruit posters for a self-publishing exhibition in Bologna - 23/26 March 2013. Supertrendy.

A Typographic Survey of the City of London (by Linefeed)

CAM Exhibition Poster

Mariëlle van Genderen: Edition #1, The first newspaper for Limited Edition.

Gorgeous personal cover redesign for The New York Review of Books (via Fonts In Use

Comedy carpet opening (via Gordon Young)

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