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«Alla Lettera. G. Antonio Insegne» Lovely sign-painting shop and bike in Italy. I wonder in which city it was. (via Typophile)

andren: via nocontxt:

“The English translation for the title of this 1961 Czechoslovakian book, Monolecky, Muze s Plnovousem translates to Monolecky, Man With a Beard. It was written by Jiri R. Pick (1925-1983) and brilliantly designed by Milos Noll (1926-1998) who took great liberty with the display of the text.”

via letterology

Amazing typography from 1945 Italian newspaper celebrating a liberating country (via Il Post)

I’d love a studio like that » A House to Live With: Paul Rand in Esquire 1953 (via Design Observer)

Handlettered logos from defunct department stores here

Soviet Fabrics, 1920s-1930s via HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT

1976 Montréal Olympics Graphics Manual (by AisleOne)

Collection of covers over at ASB Cover Archive, here an example by George Salter from 1955.

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